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Hello, my name is Wil Zoetekouw.

This is my site about my Ford (Crazy) model tractor collection.

As a farmer's son i have been born and raised on a farm and that is where this hobby of mine started. Enjoying the countryside surroundings of the region Maas en Waal in Holland, i first started to drive a tractor at the age of 10. Of course on a Ford tractor (Ford 4000) as that was the tractor brand that my father has used since early days when he started farming.

Around the age of 8 i was taken to a big farm toy show in Wageningen (one of the first LCN shows) and that is where my collection started. One of the first models that was acquired was a yellow Ford 7710 (Britains) that was similar to the Ford 6710 that we had on my father's farm around then. The collection gradually expanded with all kind of toy tractors of all brands and all scales.

When i was 18, i had to decide if i was going to take over the farm. The investments that were needed to make it a sustainable farm to make a living of, was a bridge to far for me, but i continued to help on my father's farm while persuing another career. Having started as a carpenter/bricklayer in 2001 my time got more limited to help out on the farm and due to circumstances my parents had to sell their farm in 2004.This took away the physical connection with professional farming.

To keep a connection i raise herdbook Belgian White Blue cattle as a hobby and have this collection of toy tractor models. And that collection needed a direction to evolve in as there are simply too many models to choose from! I had to decide on which boundaries my collection was allowed to grow, and decided on collecting all manufactured toys of Ford Tractor and New Holland (the last tractor my father owns is a New Holland TL90A) and related brands. It is rather ambitious to collect all of the models that have been made even with this specialization. Left alone keep up with the amount of new releases. To make matters worse, i also started to collect related brochures of Fordson, Ford, New Holland, Versatile, County and Roadless!, thus making it nearly impossible to complete this collection! Atleast it is a goal that i can try to reach if my wallet allows it and missing parts of my collection cross my path.

My endeavours in completing my collection can now be followed on this website about my collection that (11-2015) expands over 900 models (785 or 87.2 % has been added now) and 1750 brochures (1500 or 85.7 % have been added now). As long as the new site is under construction, both old and new site can be visited as my complete collection is divided amongst both version until the new site is completed.

Enjoy browsing!